Articles, Books and Press

Jill has penned hundreds of articles ranging from short, newsy briefs and full-length features
to educational brochures and marketing materials. Here are some samples of her work.

American Institute for Cancer Research
American Institute for Cancer Research
Jill writes educational brochures and newsletter
articles for the AICR.

I have relied on Jill’s expertise to
bring useful content to our readers at The
Health Journal
on many occasions. She’s
passionate about her purpose and it shows
up in her stories and blog posts. She’s also
often sourced by our writers for her know-
ledge of nutrition. I enjoy working with Jill
and will continue to do so.

Chris Jones
Editor in Chief, The Health Journal

Jill is an extremely professional,
thoughtful nutrition expert and author. She
is very skilled at turning nutrition science
and information into an interesting, intelligent
feature that speaks to consumers on many
levels. She is pleasure to work with.

Sharon Palmer
Editor, Enviromental Nutrition

Jill is one of those rare writers and
experts I recommend without hesitation.
She’s on my short list - and has been
consistently for years.

Leigh Ann Otte
Managing Editor, James Hubbard’s
My Family Doctor magazine

Not only is she detailed and talented
in her presentation of health topics, but
she’s a joy to work with!

Jessie Shafer
Assistant Editor, Diabetic Living

Jill’s articles are well-written, in-
depth and provide insight that readers
can immediately put into practice.

Ronale Tucker Rhodes, MS
Editor-In-Chief, IG Living magazine

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